is a soldier, with a jacket (showing influences from a Hussar's costume )and trousers made from hand dyed cottons left over from some exhibition pieces I made in 2006.
The silk velvet stripes down the sides of his uniform are remnants given to me by a friend and his shoes are made from a Victorian braid which had been cut away from a jacket of that period.
Sholto's legs are made from a recycled, striped man's shirt .
I created the shoes thinking of the pompoms on male Greek folk costume .
His sword is a metal lace bobbin in a holster decorated with the remains of my daughter's tiny Chinese purse which had become frayed and unusable. The costume is decorated with details made from a variety of buttons, sequins and beads collected over years of delving.
I think he's probably a bit of a dandy and likes showing off his narrow waist and dress sword!

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